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Some persons purchase a principal residence to protect themselves from financial hardships. Such an acquisition can be considered as an attitude of prudence and of common sense.

Buying gold can have the purpose of speculation, but also the purpose of pleasure when gold is used to mount jewels in it.

Works of art and diamonds are high-value assets by their scarcity.

The scarcity of the high-quality diamond :

To produce a 3 carats D, IF,Fluorescence none, mining companies have to extract up to tens of thousands tons of kimberlite.

Demand has been higher than supply for several years, due to following reasons:

diamant animéOn one hand, some diamonds mines have come to depletion over the years;

diamant animéOn the other hand, the economic development of emerging countries (Brazil, China, India, Russia) has been prompting them to significantly increase their demand for diamonds, like developed countries already do;

diamant animéAcquiring diamonds and offering them to the loved ones is also a way to have these jewels passed on from generation to generation.

A great simplicity: the owner of a diamond can store it by himself, or keep it safely and in all simplicity in a safety deposit box at the bank.

Space-saving, very light, a diamond is easily transportable, what differentiates it from movable and real property assets.

diamant animéUnanimously, all the world countries place great value on exceptional and high quality diamonds.

diamant animé Besides, international consumers simply and often buy diamonds for their beauty, and to offer them to their loved ones. Diamonds, having the faculty to arouse exceptional emotions, acquire then a sentimental value.

diamant animé The desire of a diamond often triggers a pleasure purchase gesture, pleasure which lasts for the years to come, because, by its extraordinary solidity, diamond is forever.

diamant animé The prestigious and famous “Kohinoor”, a type II A diamond, marked for ever the history of the crown of her royal Majesty Elisabeth.

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