our code of ethics

The purchase of diamonds certified with Rexluxa is a strictly and exclusively commercial act.

rexluxa ethics
Diamonds sold by REXLUXA do not fall within the scope of regulations on the sale of financial or banking products and services supervised by the AMF ( Financial Markets Authority)..

REXLUXA above all does not guarantee a return on investments or added value to any clients.

The AMF regularly informs savers on the dangers of certain offers which are doubtful or unrealistic, often published on the internet, sent by e-mail or by other methods. Many domains are affected by these offers and the certified diamonds do not escape these sometimes misleading approaches which can damage the image of serious establishments by creating amalgam.

Therefore it is necessary to be aware of the following recommendations published by the AMF:

  • No commercial pitch can make you forget that there is no high yield without a high risk. Any product with a yield higher than the monetary rate (the saver can refer to “Livret A” savings rate) implies a substantial risk.
  • The information communicated by your intermediary must be clear and comprehensible.
  • The adage “only invest in what you understand” will help you to avoid disappointments.
  • Obtain the maximum amount of information on the intermediaries who offer you the product (accreditation / approval, social identity, head office, etc).
  • Ask yourself the question – do you know how and by whom the valuation (price of purchase or sale) of the proposed product is carried out?
  • Finally, given their intrinsic characteristics, certain investments present an increased risk regarding an absence of liquidity (assets) when re-selling the product. It is therefore essential to inform oneself precisely on the rules and mechanisms put in place which allows the resale of the product. »

REXLUXA is a French company whose head office is in Paris. Its administrative and commercial services are situated at 20 Avenue FOCH – 75116.

REXLUXA does not predict or guarantee any rate of return or valuation, or length of possession.

REXLUXA simply sells certified diamonds according to the official Rapaport price (professional international reference). The Rapaport exchange can vary from high to low according to the type of diamond and according to the international market on resale.

REXLUXA only offers to its client diamonds certified by the two best laboratories in the world: GIA and HRD.
Rapaport is quoted in US dollars. As a result, the exchange rate between currencies can have an impact on the price of the diamond on resale.

REXLUXA systematically delivers diamonds bought by its clients to their registered address and with certifications which conform to international standards.

REXLUXA does not get involved in management nor imposes whatever that may be on its clients who can take all their decisions freely with no constraint.

REXLUXA does not charge the client. The price of the sale includes all the fees linked to the purchase.

In conclusion, the purpose of REXLUXA is to offer its clients a product which is of indisputably high quality / price based on GIA, HRD and Rapaport.