the gia and or hrd certificates image

REXLUXA provides a GIA and/or HRD certificate to their clients for each home delivery of a diamond.

un certificat GIA

What does REXLUXA guarantee ?

In addition to the Rapaport price, REXLUXA guarantees the quality and authenticity of the diamonds (delivered to the clients) whose characteristics meet all the international standards and criteria.

photo expertise diamant

The characteristics (4C)

Précision, rigour and reliability.

Principal criteria used to define the quality and value of a diamond:

CARAT : The weight (1 Carat=0,20g)
image carat
COLOR : The D,E,F,G,H color ……..Z (23 couleurs)
image sur la couleur des diamants
CLARITY : The clarity (IF, VVS1, VVS2,VS1…)

image sur la pureté des diamants
CUT : The proportions (EX, VG, G…)

image sur la taille du diamant : méthode Tolkowsky

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Expertise G.I.A and H.R.D

Five different experts validate independently of each other the diamond’s characteristics within the frame of a strict and secure procedure.
Accurate, sophisticated and expensive equipments are used by the gemology specialists.

diamant animéTamper-proof

diamant animéIncontestable

diamant animéInternationally recognized

Diamond in tamper-proof blister
Like a real identity card, the certificate features all the particular characteristics of each diamond.
The certificate is a non-nominative document.

image d'un blister GIA

The number is engraved by laser

The number of the GIA certificate is engraved by laser on the girdle of the diamond.

image du n° gravé au laser sur le rondiste du diamant

Diamond with certificates

diamant animéA secure solution,

diamant animéa certainty of quality,

diamant animéa tradition,

diamant animéa genuine emotion,

diamant animéa sentimental value,

diamant animéand an undeniable prestige